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poster by george mckenzie
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g r a s s   w i d o w

t r a s h   k i t

j e l a s

  live at

b r i s t o l   c o u n t y
s p o r t s   cl u b

40 colston streets, bristol bs1 5ae

b r i s t o l

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£ 5   d o o r
g r a s s   w i d o w

grass widow are an all-girl san francisco trio whose sound has echoes of post punk bands like the raincoats and kleenex, but who bring their own unique style in the form of intricate three-part harmonies, complex arrangements and unexpected chord progressions. drums snap, guitars crackle and vocals pop! they produce an infectious and hard to label mix of dreamy-fuzz-guitar-pop, angular post punk, 60s girl group chants, and west coast garage which excites and intrigues.


photo by blackcloudphoto   

t r a s h   k i t

trash kit are a gang of facepainted flag-bearers who have a wild feel for melody and a heartfelt and a heartfelt kick inside each song. mixing chaos, considered songcraft and overlapping harmonies in equal measure, they have been energising the UK underground with their raw performances and promise. trash kit have a sound of their very own, it's both urbane and primal, drawing on the potential of punk and the naturalism of an internal folk music.


j e l a s

the jelas twitch and skip. a crooked bristol threesome with an ear for brief melodies and fluctuating rhythms; passionately impatient and wantonly erratic, the jelas inhabit the underused footbridge between the shangri las and wire, playing what can probably only be described as no-riot-math-grrrl-wave.


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